Born in São Paulo, Brazil, composer, singer, and performer, is the author of several compositions and sound tracks for film and video. He specialized in art documentaries, such as, Poetas de Campos e Espaços (Poets of Fields and Spaces), 1992, about Brazilian concrete poetry, and a series about important visual artists, including Burle Marx, Tomie Othake, Wesley Duke Lee, produced by TV Cultura (the cultural television of São Paulo). He has also collaborated with experimental musicians Tom Zé, Walter Franco, Livio Trajtenberg. In 1991, he set to music the trilingual poem "cidade/city/cité" of his father, the concrete poet Augusto de Campos, presented as a polivoiced fonovisual installation, beginning a co-operation which would reach its high point in the CD Poesia é Risco (Poetry is Risk), 1995, with poems and translations of Augusto set to music (including the "cidade" poem). Other important musical productions include the CDs "Songs of the Divine Master" (extracts of the Baghavat Gita, translated by the "tropicalist" Rogério Duarte), and "Prophets in Movement" (music for ballet with biblical texts in non-orthodox musical settings), "Ouvindo Oswald" (Hearing Oswald), consecrated to the Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade.

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